This Explains A Lot

I’m about to link to an article from the HuffPo.  That article is by Chris Mooney.  I’m as surprised as you are.

Chris Mooney (who writes a lot of great stuff as long as he isn’t talking about “New” atheists) has a great article in the HuffPo (which publishes a lot of great stuff as long as it isn’t talking about Alt Med or vaccines) about the scientific differences between conservatives and liberals.  As much as it may surprise you, the difference isn’t that conservatives sprang from the womb’s of virgins blessed by Jesus while liberals are secretly demons out to lead America down the yellow brick road to hell, no matter what Pat Robertson may want you to believe.  Imagine that.

Earlier this week, yesterday’s Republican primary champ Rick Santorum called global warming a “hoax.” Yes, a hoax. In other words, apparently scientists are in a global cabal to needlessly alarm us about what’s happening with the climate — and why would they do such a thing?

Well, presumably to help advance an economy-choking agenda of global governance — or perhaps, to line their own pockets with government research grants. Seriously.

Santorum’s absurd global warming conspiracy theory is the kind of thing that absolutely outrages liberals — but to my mind, they really ought to be getting used to it by now. From global warming denial to claims about “death panels” to baseless fears about inflation, it often seems there are so many factually wrong claims on the political right that those who make them live in a different reality.

So here’s an idea: Maybe they actually do. And maybe we can look to science itself — albeit, ironically, a body of science whose fundamental premise (the theory of evolution) most  Republicans deny — to help understand why it is that they view the world so differently.

Give it a read, see what you think.  It’s a compelling argument, and honestly anything that helps explain the seeming complete insanity of the modern conservative movement is worth a look.

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