Kidnapped for Jesus

Found this over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

It’s a boarding school for “troubled” teens called Escuela Caribe, where American evangelicals apparently imprison their children until they become the perfect little Stepford Christians.   I’ll let the school describe itself.

Escuela Caribe is a year round, fully accredited Christian therapeutic boarding school for high school students. Its mission is to assist parents whose children have high potential but are underachievers to train their child in the way he or she should go. Escuela Caribe provides a nurturing environment to train struggling adolescents through a quality educational experience that is challenging and encourages application of biblical principles that impact their spiritual, mental, and emotional character. Our goal is to cultivate a lifetime desire for service and excellence through Christian character enrichment. We attempt to impact the lives of the youth through intensive physical labor coupled with intense relational experiences. Our school has been serving families and teens for over 30 years.

Even when they are trying to make it sound innocent, it still gives me chills.

Here is the trailer for the documentary “Kidnapped for Jesus.”


I used to complain when my mother forced me to go to church and attend confirmation classes.  At least she never disappeared me.

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