People Really Are That Stupid…..

Normally I only post pictures over at my Tumblr blog (Shameless self-promotion, Foster Disbelief’s Tumblr) but this one needs more comment.

I found this picture over at Chris Rodda’s blog, This Week in Christian Nationalism.  That is a United States Marine squad, posing in front of the American flag and a Nazi SS flag.  It’s not photoshopped, and as Chris shows in her post, it is not a self-made flag that unfortunately resembles a Nazi flag.

Upon seeing this picture, my immediate thought was “no one can actually be that stupid.”  But apparently, the Marine Corp wants us to believe they really can be.  From Chris Rodda’s post:

the Marine Corps’ official excuse is that the use of the flag was just a naive mistake on the part of Marines who didn’t know what the flag was and just thought the SS stood for Sniper Scout.

No.  No!  For fucks sake, no!  This excuse not only makes the Marines sound like idiots, but it takes us for idiots as well.  It’s a fucking Nazi flag.  It’s not like “SS” is some esoteric symbol, only recognized by those who have dedicated their lives to studying Nazi imagery.  Did not one of these soldiers pay any attention in history class?  Not one of them ever watched the History Channel?(before it became the pawn shop/ancient alien channel at least)

I would honestly rather of had the Marine Corp tell us that the soldiers thought the flag looked “bad ass” and that World War II was over 50 years ago, so to quit our bitching.

Jesus, they are posing in front of a fucking Nazi flag.  I so wish that picture was photoshopped.

Go read a real blog.  Chris has much more on why they almost certainly knew that this was a Nazi flag.  This Week in Christian Nationalism



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