Republican Science



Rick Santorum (the man with perhaps the most disgusting sentence in the English language as his name) recently attacked Mitt Romney for, *shudder*, once actually accepting scientific evidence.  The horror!

(From The Hill via The Daily Kos)

“Who would be the better person to go after the Obama administration on trying to control the energy and manufacturing sector of our economy and trying to dictate to you what lights to turn on and what car to drive?” Santorum said during his speech at the conference.

“Would it be someone who bought into man-made global warming and imposed the first carbon cap in the state of Massachusetts, the first state to do so in the country?”

The nerve of that Mitt, to have once accepted reality.  How dare he listen to scientists of all people?  And to think, he wants the Republican nomination for presidency.

*sigh*  To borrow a phrase from Mock, Paper, Scissor, the 2012 Goat Rodeo marches on….


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