Your “Wait….What?” Moment of the Day

From the crown prince of batshit insanity, Bryan Fischer, writing at his AFA blog Rightly Concerned:


Will America’s young women be just a bit more likely to experiment with lesbianism now that JCPenney is mainstreaming it? Too (sic) any objective observer, the answer must be yes. Is this a good thing? To any objective observer, the answer must be no.

Research has indicated that lesbians suffer from increased levels of depression, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, breast cancer and vaginal diseases compared to heterosexual women.

Thus what JCPenney has done, by increasing, even if ever so slightly, the chances that young women will experiment with this behavior will turn out to be a tragic thing for some. JCPenney will have to share some culpability for that. This once proudly pro-family company will have done its part to define deviancy down.



Here’s a tip for those of you new to reading pseudo-scientific gibberish.  If a pundit uses the phrase “research has indicated” without citing the mentioned research, chances are said research is flimsy, being misinterpreted, or non-existent.

Seriously, being a lesbian leads to an increased risk of breast cancer and vaginal diseases?  Citation fucking needed.

Oh, and if you clicked the link for Rightly Concerned, make up for it by giving Dispatches from the Culture Wars some traffic.


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