Picture Worth 1000 Words of the Day

The following picture is a hoax.  It didn’t happen.  Alex in the comments has the links to the original check, as well as the article exposing it as a hoax.

My comments on tips and how to treat servers remain the same.  People really do write shit like this on their check, and really do leave horrid tips because they are assholes. 

As an ex-server, I can not even begin to explain how much this pisses me off.

Via the HuffPo:

A banker left a 1% tip in defiance of ‘the 99%’ at a Newport Beach restaurant the other week, according to his dining companion and underling who snapped a photo of the receipt and posted it to his blog, Future Ex Banker. (Update: the blog is now offline.)

The only plus in all of this is that apparently the server will be taken care of.

In a conversation with the Huffington Post, Mike Wilcox, the vice president of operations for True Food Kitchen, gave some insight into how the company was treating the incident since the receipt began receiving attention online. Wilcox said that the restaurant was “absolutely” treating the receipt as real, but to confirm its authenticity for certain, they were in the process of tracking down both the physical receipt at the restaurant and the computer-generated copy in their credit card system. “The first thing we’re going to do is to make sure the server is taken care of,” Wilcox said, “and make sure the server wasn’t treated badly or insufficiently tipped.” He explained that they would be asking Breanna, the server named on the receipt, if she recalled the table and how her service was. “If her service was up to the level” they assume their employees would deliver, Wilcox said, “they would do everything they can to make it up to her somehow.”

I’ve served in several restaurants.  My guests have ranged from the 12-top of businessmen sucking down margaritas who tipped 150% to the lovely and caring christian couple who tipped nothing but a Jack Chick tract.  No matter what type of guests would be seated in my section, one thing never changed; my whole income came from their tips.  My hourly rate went to taxes.  Sure, every two weeks on payday I may have had a 30 dollar check to cash, but seriously; a servers entire income comes from their tips.  The work Breanna performed serving this asshole banker was done for free.

And honestly, it is even worse than that.  All the places I’ve worked as a server at required you to claim at least 10% of your sales nightly as tips.  Most places also require you to tip out some employees based off your sales.  It may only be a busser, but at some places, it’s a busser, the bartender, the hostess, and a food runner.  So not only did Breanna serve this table essentially for free, but she also likely had to tip out money she didn’t make and tell the IRS she made money she didn’t.  She paid out to serve this asshole.

Look.  I’m poor.  I understand that not everyone has the disposable income to leave a generous tip.  Unless I have the cash to tip 20% at least, I don’t eat out.  But when I served, I never resented the fixed-income elderly couple who could only leave me a dollar, or the working class family with 3 or 4 kids out for a rare meal out who could only leave 10% or less, as long as they treated me well.  And there are things other than money that servers do appreciate.  It costs nothing to tell the manager that you got really good service.  But don’t leave a bible tract.

And if you have the money to tip, but don’t; Fuck you.  With a splintery post or a rusted pole.

If you have the money to tip, but rather save our souls with a biblical tract; we’re much more likely to actually read the tract if it comes with a real 10 dollar bill.

And writing a sarcastic comment on the check as a tip just makes you look like a douche.  To everyone.  Even to your friends, who may laugh about it with you to your face.  They all think you are a douche.

Which is fitting, because you are a douche.


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