Rep. Issa: “Not My Greatest Sucess.”



So if you were convening a hearing on women’s health issues, it would look just like this, amirite?

Well, if you happened to be Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), it would look exactly like that.  Not only would it look like that, but you would also have actively denied a woman from testifying at your hearing.

Because who better to speak on women’s health issues than a bunch of religious men.  You know, fuck women.  (Figuratively only though.  Literally would be a sin.)

I know, I know.  Old news.  There is a reason I’m bring it up now.

Good ole’ boy Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has now admitted that the panel wasn’t his “greatest success to get a point across on behalf of the American people.”  I guess that is as close to an apology as we’re going to get from planet wingnuttia.  That isn’t even a not-pology.  It’s just a Damn, should have had that panel behind closed doors so the uppity women wouldn’t have seen it.

ISSA: Right now there are attacks on the Constitution. Some of them are subtle, and some are less subtle. I’m just going to relate one thing to you. Last week there was a hearing that was spun, it was terrible spun. We all saw it. I won’t call it my greatest success to get a point across on behalf of the American people.

Rep. Issa?  The problem with the hearing wasn’t the way it was spun.  The problem with the hearing was the simple fact that it dealt with a woman’s health issue and you failed to fucking include even a token woman!  You, and the GOP, are woefully out of touch if you think this is a spin problem.  Perhaps you all need to put down the misogyny pipe for a second or two, look at the calendar, and realize what decade we are living in.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), you are a douche.  And sadly, you still do not get it.

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