The GOP May Have a Slight “Woman Problem” Come November

From The Daily Kos:

After spending a solid year in the House trying to pass laws to ban women’s health care, redefine rape, protect the “religious liberty” of hospitals that would prefer to let women die rather than provide necessary health care to them, Republicans weren’t certain they’d made it clear just how anti-woman the party is. So they decided to turn the dial to 11 by attacking basic health care as a violation of their “religious liberty.” And they held No Girls Allowed hearings about how vaginas make Catholic bishops very sad. And then, just for good measure, they chased off one of the few Republican women in the Senate because her occasional mild interest in women’s rights doesn’t jibe with their 17th century platform.

And then, just to make extra certain women get the message, while Rush Limbaugh was devoting most of his airtime to insulting women who care about health care, those few Republicans who could even be bothered to comment offered such mild criticism that a skeptic might think Republicans really didn’t see why Rush’s three-day slut tirade was such a big deal. After all, if sluts weren’t such sluts, Rush wouldn’t have to call them sluts. Everyone knows that. And besides, it’s not like sluts vote, right?

Add that to some of the standard anti-woman rhetoric the Republican presidential candidates are spewing, and their unwillingness to appropriately condemn Rush’s slut crusade, and things aren’t looking so good for the Republicans:

An Associated Press-GfK poll conducted in February showed Obama’s approval rating improving, and gaining with women who give him more credit than men for the strengthening economy. His support between December and February climbed 10 percentage points among women.

A Washington Post/Pew poll released this week showed that Obama was even gaining among white women, a group he lost in 2008. In January, white women preferred Romney 50-44 percent, according to Doherty of the Pew Research Center. By February, Obama had taken the lead, with 52 percent of white women saying they preferred the president to Romney, who had fallen to 46 percent.

Pew experts were also struck, Doherty said, that Obama’s lead against Romney among all women “was quite substantial, 59-38 percent.”

Interesting strategy for closing the gender gap, don’t you think?


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