Your “Wait, What?” Moment of th….Nah, This is Too Easy…..

Rick Santorum is a serious candidate for the Republican presidential nomination.  In fact, if Newt would have dropped out of the race, Santorum could be winning!  Rick Santorum.  Ol’ Frothy.  Senator Man-on-Dog.  Mr. “Anti-Choice?  Hell, I’m anti-contraceptive!”

The Republican base has lost its fucking mind.

Anyway, from The Answer Sheet in the Washington Post:

“It is a parent’s responsibility to educate their children. It is not the government’s job. We have sort of lost focus here a little bit. Of course, the government wants their hands on your children as fast as they can. That is why I opposed all these early starts and pre-early starts, and early-early starts. They want your children from the womb so they can indoctrinate your children as to what they want them to be. I am against that.”

Because Santorum would never force his views on anyone.  Perish the thought.


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