Good News From Wisconsin

From Dispatches from the Culture War:

A state court in Wisconsin has granted summary judgment and issued a permanent injunction against the implementation of Wisconsin’s new voter ID law, bluntly calling it an unconstitutional attempt at voter suppression. You can read the full ruling here. The Wisconsin State Journal reports on the ruling:

Circuit Judge Richard Niess wrote in his decision, in a lawsuit brought by the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, that the photo ID requirements are “unconstitutional to the extent they serve as a condition for voting at the polls.”

“Without question, where it exists, voter fraud corrupts elections and undermines our form of government,” Niess wrote, adding that leaders may take action to prevent it. “But voter fraud is no more poisonous to our democracy than voter suppression. Indeed, they are two heads on the same monster.”

A government that undermines the right to vote imperils its own legitimacy as a government “by the people, for the people and especially of the people,” Niess wrote. “It sows the seeds for its own demise as a democratic institution.”

Let me be blunt.  If you are for voter ID laws, you are wrong.  I agree that voter fraud would be a serious problem, but it is seriously almost non-existent in the United States.  It’s like the spread of Sharia law in the American court system; a republican talking point/scare tactic that five minutes of research would show isn’t actually happening.  Voter ID laws are designed to disenfranchise voters who are unlikely to vote for the lawmakers in power.  They are almost, if not exclusively pushed forward by Republicans, and if passed into law almost entirely affect low income and minority voters.

If the GOP insists on Voter ID, I propose a batshittery test as well.  Every voter is asked one question:  Is Barack Obama a 1)Muslim or 2)Christian.  If you choose 1), you get sent home and you can try again next year.  Whoops, there goes half of republican voters in Alabama and Mississippi.


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