Local Shocker! Right Wing Hate Radio Station to Keep Right Wing Hate Show

In what may be the biggest local shocker this year, WRTA has decided to not only keep airing the Rush Limbaugh Show, but to sign a multi-year contract extension.  From the Altoona Mirror:

“Overwhelming feedback from the community in recent weeks was in favor of keeping the conservative talk show host as part of the station’s afternoon lineup,” station owner David Barger said in a statement.

Wow.  You mean people in one of the reddest areas of Pennsylvania like Rush Limbaugh?  Perish the thought!

I found this endlessly amusing:

It remains WRTA’s primary goal to continue providing the community with programming that’s both diverse and offers various viewpoints.

WRTA’s weekday lineup of national radio shows includes Rush, Michael Savage, and Roger Hedgecock.  The “liberal” viewpoint is given by Alan Colmes, better known as Sean Hannity’s punching bag from Hannity and Colmes, in the coveted 11pm slot.

WRTA: Where three different shows of wingnuttery is considered “diverse” and “various viewpoints.”  Look, WRTA?  I understand.  I really do.  If you put an actual progressive on the air, you’d lose half your audience to heart attacks and the other half to righteous indignation.  But don’t pretend you’re fair and balanced.  You’re a right wing echo chamber.  Embrace it.


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