An Actual Post!!! Happy Equal Pay Day!

Today, April 17th, is Equal Pay Day, a “holiday” serving to remind us all that women only earn  77% of each dollar earned by men annually, and only 82% of each dollar earned weekly by men.  You know, for the exact same work.  Because, as any Men’s Rights asshole will tell you, women don’t care about money as much, or some such horseshit.

The Daily Kos has a piece celebrating this joyous occasion:

Occupations dominated by men pay more, and then within occupations, men are paid more. But wait—it’s a day ending in Y, which means that comment threads everywhere on the internet will be inundated with men mansplaining about how women just care less about money, or how various unexplained factors that are definitely not sexism account for any and every piece of evidence that no matter what factors you control for, the gender gap persists. Because sexism is not a science, or even a keen analysis. It’s a belief system.

The Kos article points the way to this news release from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, dealing with a new study showing that men earn more than women for the same damn job.  Huh, surprising, no?

“These gender wage gaps are not about women choosing to work less than men — the analysis is comparing apples to apples, men and women who all work full time — and we see that across these 40 common occupations, men nearly always earn more than women,” said Ariane Hegewisch, a Study Director at IWPR. “Discrimination law cases provide us with some insights on the reasons that the wage gap persists: women are less likely to be hired into the most lucrative jobs, and — when they work side by side with men — they may get hired at a lower rate, and receive lower pay increases over the years. Discrimination in who gets hired for the best jobs hits all women but particularly black and Hispanic women.”

Take a moment today to realize that sexism and misogyny is alive and well in 21st century America.  Women have fought inequality for many years, and have won many battles.  But the fight is far from over.  It is beyond time for the GOP to take their War on Women and shove it back into the 1950’s where it belongs, and for society as a whole to start treating all women like what they are:  Equals.




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