On a Roll, How About a “Wait….What? of the Day?

Thanks to Ed Brayton from Dispatches from the Culture Wars for this gem from Alan Keyes:

Though bad for the people he claims to represent, Santorum’s withdrawal exactly serves the purposes of the GOP elites he has dutifully served in the past. The GOP’s RINO, crypto-socialist elites can now proceed with the coronation of their pre-selected champion. The way is clear for them to use the prospect of Mitt Romney’s inevitable triumph to discourage the voters who reject his socialist, pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage agenda from further participation in the GOP primary process. Meanwhile, Santorum waits in the wings for the moment when he may be called back to the stage to act the part of Judas-goat, playing “Sarah Palin to Romney’s John McCain.”

Sadly I predicted and fully expected what Rick Santorum has done. But when I think of the people who go on buying into the elite manipulated sham he dutifully represents, I cannot tell which is the greater shame – his betrayal of them, or their repeated betrayal of the things they profess to believe. Why do they keep casting before swine the lustrous miracle God works within their hearts? Why do they keep bestowing it upon people who consistently betray God’s work time and time and time again? I know they fear defeat and greater suffering. Yet I also know that many of them profess faith that leads them to look to God for hope. But as the Apostle said, “We rejoice in our suffering, knowing that suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, and character produces hope. …” (Romans 5:3-4)

That is some serious batshit insanity there.


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