Can You Feel The Christian Love?

Mikey Weinstein runs the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), an organization that does important work to stop the Christianizing of the American military.  As I’m sure you could guess, this doesn’t sit well with some Christians.  Thanks to Dispatches from the Culture Wars, here is perhaps the most vile piece of hate mail I have ever seen.

Mickey Wienstien, we called you on the weekend to advice you that our womens prayer circle at our church will be ending your wickedness against Christ Jesus and his anointed of the USA in our military. In America which is Jesus’ country we can pray all we want for anything we want. you hung up on us and were rude to our leader. but will that stop us or Christ Jesus? No it will not and never could have, wicked Mickey. Our prayer circle has never failed to acheive our hosts granting of the scripture we pray. for direct intervention against you as you are a true demon to America. Luke 9:1 We will not stop our prayers until you stop the evil you do with Lucifer on a daly basis. Luke 9:1 But not against you Mickey. We know by your internet site and your book who it is to be. Now for our prayer, we pray that the women who work in your MFRR and the women in your family will befall fast moving breast cancer which can not everbe cured. We pray this for Leah Bruton, and Becki Miller, Patricia Corigan, Chris Rodda, Edie Disler, Vicky Garrison, Kristin Leslie, Melinda Moeton and Joan Slish. And you evil clan too, we pray this for Bonnie Wiensten and Amanda and Amber Wienstein and the woman lawyers Cariline Mitchel and Katherin Ritchy and all women of all who work at with for Military Freedom Against Religon Foundation. know that we pray and pray hard all the days until you stop your destruction of our American army and accept Christ Jesus as Lord and join His army.

What a sweet church.  I wonder if they bring their needlepoint along to work on while they’re praying for people to get cancer and die.  What’s next?  “We’re praying that your unborn baby is born without a brain”?  I’ve read the Bible several times, and unless my memory is shot, I’m fairly positive the line isn’t “turn the other cheek, then gather the girls together and pray cancer into your enemies breasts.”

These people are unhinged.  I understand that the majority of Christians are not like these people, but until moderates stand up and call these people what they are; batshit insane, their silence implies agreement.  Just like abortion opponents who refuse to distance themselves from those who bomb clinics and shoot doctors, instead fueling the hatred with dangerous rhetoric.  Just saying “that’s not us” is not enough.

Eventually, someone is going to try to kill someone from the MRFF.  Moderates?  Stand up and be heard.  Let these people know you do not agree with them, that they should be ashamed of themselves, before someone gets hurt.


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