There is a Reason We Call It The “World Nut Daily”

Following their standard form of posting an article that is actually an advertisement for something they want to sell, the WorldNutDaily is shilling the book “We Won’t Get Fooled Again: Where the Christian Right Went Wrong, and How to Make America Right Again.” by former CPAC emcee Gregg Jackson.

The idea that a third party will split off the GOP isn’t crazy.  Personally, I think it has to happen.  There are sane, rational Republican.  I disagree with many of their opinions, but I respect that they are educated and have come to their positions by rational thought.  The rational conservatives however have lost all control over the GOP, and are now stuck in self-created chaos as the lunatic fringe they used for political gain now controls more and more of the party.  Nothing is conservative enough for the newly powerful fringe.  Eventually, if they haven’t already, they will push the GOP so far right that it will be impossible to win a national election.

But this, this is crazy:

“Many patriots are scratching their heads and wondering how it’s possible to be stuck with ‘Obamney’ as a nominee right after so much progress was made electing principled grassroots patriots in 2010. This book answers that question,” Deace continued. “Romney isn’t the issue; he’s just the next well-funded hack to take advantage of a paradigm that sets us up for failure, and we’ve seen this play out many times.

“Ronald Reagan was the aberration,” Deace explained. “Ford, both Bushes, Dole, McCain and Romney are pretty much cut from the same cloth. … All of them were Republicrats, the ying to the ruling class’ Democrat yang. At best, they will better manage the decay, but at other times, actually advance it. We get what the left wants, either at breakneck speed or in a steady jog. If we do not heed the words of this book – most of them from some of the leading conservative activists and thinkers in the country – we will be stuck with another Mitt McCain or George W. Dole again in 2016.”

No one is conservative enough for them.  Compromise is forbidden.  Theocracy is the goal, either de facto or outright as supported by several of the people interviewed in the book.

They tried to primary Orrin Fucking Hatch, for christ’s sake.


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