Don’t Fuck With HBO….

So I received a Cease and Desist letter today from my internet provider.

Apparently, downloading Game of Thrones causes the baby Jesus to cry.

Of course, those of you who also watch TV on the internet can already guess why I may have possibly chose to download a few episodes.  (Not that I did, mind you.  Someone must have spoofed my IP address.  Honest.)  If you aren’t aware of the drama that is trying to watch Game of Thrones without a HBO subscription, go visit the AV Club and get caught up: HBO is pretty sure the millions of people pirating Game of Thrones is just a temporary thing .  Or if you prefer your information in cartoon form, you can check out the Oatmeal’s take on the issue.

Hopefully, by the time the third season begins, HBO will have a method in place so I can legally watch my favorite show online.  I doubt it, but it is a possibility.  If not, does anyone who gets HBO want some company each week?



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