Joys of the Working Poor

Being sick in this heat is punishment enough.  Acute bronchitis and sinusitis.  I never used to get sick that much, but I’m sure 10 years of heroin addiction does wonders for your immune system.  Now it seems that anytime I’m within 10 feet of a sick person, I catch it.  Maybe it’s just age.

Anyway, the company I work for has a draconian call off policy.  (sick days?  HA!)  You call off, you get written up unless you bring a note from a doctor.  If you call off on the weekend, you can not return to work unless you have a doctors excuse.  No excuse?  Seven day suspension.  This policy obviously leads to many sick employees still showing up for work, which may not be such a bad thing if we weren’t working for a nationally known food service chain.

Yesterday I had to call off.  And since I don’t really like negative notes in my employee file, I went to the doctor.  Who prescribed medicine.  And ordered me off work for the next few days.

$60 dollars for the office visit.  $60 dollars for the scripts.  $72 dollars in lost wages per day.

Gotta love it.

For your reading pleasure, while I cough up a lung, here’s an article on taxes from the Daily Kos.  It’s worth a read.


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