“Spare the Rod…..”, As They Say

We’ve all been there.  Don’t deny it.

The 15 year old girl you’ve adopted to be your slave just isn’t living up to your expectations.  She whines that she needs water after only 4 hours of hard labor in the Georgia sun.  She makes eye contact with one of your real children as they’re innocently watching her work.  She’s slow at digging ditches.  Just an all-around failure.  You get the picture.

So you do what any other God-fearing adoptive parent would do.

You put an electric shock collar on her, force her to live in a chicken coop, and feed her nothing but bread and water.  Just like the Bible says.

Wait, did I actually just type that sentence?

The video is at that link.  Apparently I fail at embedding.
Here’s one that is mainly community reaction to the story:

You can find the story here at God Discussion.

Authorities in Butler, Georgia, found an adopted fifteen-year-old girl allegedly abused by her homeschooling parents and forced to live in chicken coop (video) as well as an outhouse for several days, while wearing a shock collar.  Her parents claim they were doing what the Bible says and fed the girl nothing but bread and water for days.


Diana Franklin is facing 12 counts of cruelty to children and 4 counts of false imprisonment. Samuel Franklin has been charged with 8 counts of cruelty to children and 8 counts of false imprisonment.

Neighbors observed the girl working in the yard in extreme heat, while the rest of the family watched.

“I’ve seen her out working in the gardens, digging ditches in the hot sun with two or three older boys watching her. I’ve seen her toting rocks up the road – she looked like she was in rough shape, “said Steven Balis.

David Spellers also saw the girl working in the hot sun as the rest of her family watched.

“I saw her when she was out in the yard working in that garden out there and I saw her around picking up trash in the yard,” Spillers said.

Another neighbor who did not want to go on camera told us that Diana Franklin would often punish her daughter for not doing chores and working the “right way.”

The neighbor said that Diana Franklin would only feed her daughter bread and water as punishment for days on end. The neighbor says that Diana Franklin told her that she was “doing what the Bible says.”

“Mrs. Franklin hasn’t denied none of it and I know it there is no doubt in my mind that she was mistreating that girl,” Spillers said.



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