And By Implication…..

Thanks to Ed from Dispatches for this one.

It seems to happen every time someone survives a tragedy.  If a plane crashes, killing 200 of the 201 passengers, some pastor will invariably call it a miracle and claim it was God’s Will, that they survived through God’s Grace.

To which I always think; a) No, it would have been a miracle if the plane crashed and everyone on board survived, and b) If it was God’s Will that only one person survived, what does that imply about the victims, and what does that say about God?

Quoting the LA Times:

The pastor said 33 church members had been in Theater 9 and nearby Theater 8 when the shooter unloaded dozens of rounds.

“I’m very, very happy God spared you,” he said.

Let me be clear.  I am sure that Pastor Ed Taylor had the best intentions when he spoke those words.  His community just experienced an unimaginable tragedy, and he was trying to provide solace to his flock.  Hell, he was probably trying to work through it himself.

But by suggesting that his 33 church members survived because “God spared” them, what is the implication towards those he didn’t spare?  That there was something wrong with them?  That they were not as righteous?  Not deserving?  If it was in God’s power to spare certain people, what does it say about those he chose not to spare?

For that matter, if it was in his power to spare people, why did anyone have to die?



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