David Barton Opened His Mouth, Guess What Came Out?

If you guessed “lies” you win a cookie.*  Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars:

Barton: The Southern Poverty Law Center now has me as one of the thirty terrorists to be watched in America because I combine God and country and they said that really makes you a terrorist. So I’m on the list of thirty that need to be watched as domestic terrorists because I think God and country go together … Isn’t this nuts?

Of course, the SPLC said no such thing.  They did name him on their list of 30 new activists heading up the radical right, but nowhere do they call him a “terrorist” or claim that any of the 30 are “domestic terrorists.”  Go read it for yourself.  Here’s David Barton’s entry.  Find me where they imply he’s a terrorist.  I’d wait, but there’s no need; they don’t.

But why would Barton let something little like facts stop his persecution complex?  They don’t stop anything else he does.


*You do not actually win a cookie.  If you want a cookie, by all means you can go to the cupboard and get yourself one, or if no cookies are in the house, go to a local store and purchase some cookies.  You can even pretend that I bought it for you as a prize, although if you are going that far to rationalize your desire for and eating of a cookie, perhaps you need to examine your cookie usage.  Are you really in control of your habit?  Remember, use is fine.  Abuse isn’t.



9 thoughts on “David Barton Opened His Mouth, Guess What Came Out?

    • Sometimes when I think of the damage he is doing to the minds of young people with his revisionist history, I wonder. The same can be said of the ACE that you had to deal with, although I don’t think “educational terrorism” is considered a thing.

      And yes, Barton and others like him terrify me as well. Even scarier is the amount of people who agree with him. *shiver*

      • Count me as another terrified one; I can’t imagine a Hitler/Stalin type dictatorship with 21st-century level technology of control. Oh, wait a minute; having read “1984,” Chris Hedges’ “American Fascists,” and Michelle Goldberg’s “Kingdom Coming” I can imagine it all too easily.

  1. First time seeing this blog. Looks like there will be some good stuff here. One thing, though; in your list of turnoffs, the correct spelling is “fascists” (unless “facists” a term I don’t know that means “people who use facebook” 😉

    • Hey Mark

      Thanks for the comment. Until you mentioned the correct spelling of “fascist”, I didn’t even notice that. I think it is one of those words that I see spelled wrong so often that it didn’t even register that I misspelled it myself. Thanks for pointing it out and thanks for stopping by.

      Wait, I mean, yeah, of course it’s a term for people who use facebook for idiotic purposes, you don’t think I’d misspell “fascist” do you? 😉

      • No problem; Mark’s the name; pedantry is the game! Next: removing the apostrophe from “Coor’s Light”. It should probably also be removed from “IPA’s” but I’m not sure, as I don’t know what IPAs are. I do know, however, that contrary to widespread current practice, one does not put an apostrophe before a pluralizing “s”. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog…

      • IPA: India Pale Ale. And yes, that was a pluralizing “s”. As for “Coors,” I always thought the apostrophe was possessive and in the actual name until I just googled it.

        Anyway, thanks for helping me to tighten up the blog. Fixed, and fixed.

        Damn, I was sure that the apostrophe was even on the can for Coors Light.

  2. Conservatives have fully embraced the threat of violence and the use of violence to effect political change in America. This tactic can properly be called Terrorism.

    But, David Barton is “merely” a liar for christ. For instance, “As far as the Founding Fathers were concerned, they’d already had the entire debate over creation and evolution, and you get Thomas Paine, who is the least religious Founding Father, saying you’ve got to teach Creation science in the classroom. Scientific method demands that!”

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