Cathy Cooper Replies

Cathy Cooper, who posts over at Debunking Christianity, has responded to my post calling her a ghoul.  I’m moving it up here because I have no idea if anyone pays attention to the comment threads yet.

Resorting to ad hominem (ironic, don’t you think?) does not make your argument. Referring to me as a ‘ghoul’ does not take away from my arguments. If you disagree with my arguments, present a counter, and I will respond in kind. I made my arguments to make a point. Our society in general (whether one is Christian or not) is influenced by Christian dogma–and this is what I wanted to illustrated, as this is what I want eliminated. The best way to do so, is to put those influences on a platter in front of people–then have them think about them. That is what I did in that post.

You are right, actually. Several times in my post, I stated that I was not debating your argument. For example:

At this moment, I’m not sure of the validity of her argument. I don’t care if she is right or not.


Cathy Cooper brings up several good points in her post. The effect of Christianity on morality is a subject that needs to be discussed.


As I said above, I think she makes some good points on the effect of Christianity on morality, and that it is a discussion that should take place.

As for resorting to ad hominem, meh, not so much. I didn’t claim that you were wrong because you were a ghoul, or that being a ghoul diminishes your argument. I simply stated that, in my opinion, you are a ghoul.

Again for example, just because Rick Warren is a disgusting opportunistic ghoul for tweeting “When students are taught they are no different from animals, they act like it.” doesn’t invalidate his argument. His argument falls apart on its own, whether he tweeted it right after a tragedy or 10 weeks later.

Truth be told, unless you were explicitly claiming “Christianity turns people into mass murderers” I really don’t have an issue with your argument. And I agree that the effect of Christianity and Christian dogma’s effect on our society needs to be discussed. My issue with your post revolves around timing. (Once again, assuming you are not claiming that Christian dogma turns people into mass murderers.)

I’m not saying you are wrong because you are a ghoul. I’m not even saying that you are wrong.

But I am saying that using a tragedy such as the Colorado shootings to make a point in an argument over the moral effects of religion before the corpses of the victims are stiff is ghoulish, whether it is an atheist or a Christian making said point.


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