It’s Nessie!

Image Credit: Cascade News.  Found via Yahoo:


Wow, OMG even.  Finally, definitive proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists.

Now excuse me while I roll my eyes.

“Best picture ever”?  Well, I guess when the most famous photo of Nessie is an admitted fake and most of the others resemble driftwood more than a monster, the standards for best aren’t all that high.

Anyway, there is the picture, judge for yourself.  Before you rush off to text all your friends that Nessie has been found, however, realize that there is absolutely no way to judge the size of the object in the picture.  It could be manatee sized, it could be plesiosaur sized, or it could be otter sized.

And while I will state up front that I am neither a biologist nor an expert in Scottish wildlife, and while I would hesitate to accuse this long time sailor of trying to pass off a picture of something he knows is not Nessie as the famed creature……

Well, it looks like an otter to me.

Honestly, the only thing I find fascinating about this picture is that people are amazed by it.  It’s currently the top story on Yahoo.

I’ll be back in an hour or two with more Foster Disbelief goodness for your late night/early morning reading pleasure.


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