A Disgusting “Wait, What?”

From Dispatches from the Culture Wars:

Zinnia Jones linked to this story on Man Boobz that documents a Reddit thread where a woman — the same woman in the video hereat Cristina Rad’s blog — actually defends men who beat women on the grounds that the woman might be nagging him and, besides, the men think of the violence as foreplay and that it leads to better sex. Think I’m exaggerating? I’m not.This was written in response to an article that defended violence against women, concluding:

Women should be terrorized by their men; it’s the only thing that makes them behave better than chimps.

And girlsayswhat has this bizarre take on that article:

“I used to live under a young couple with a baby. I’d listen as she followed him from room to room upstairs, stomping, slamming things, throwing things, screaming. After about an hour, he’d eventually hit her, and everything would go quiet. An hour after that, they’d be out with the baby in the stroller, looking perfectly content with each other.

A man I know who has experience with men in abusive relationships would get his clients to answer a questionare. Things like, “after the violence, did you have sex?” “If so, how would you rate the sex?” 100% of men in reciprocally abusive relationships said “yes” to the first, and “scorching” to the second.

He also posited that the much-quoted cycle of violence–the build-up, the explosion, the honeymoon period–correlates with foreplay, orgasm and post-coital bliss.

Erin Pizzey called it “consensual violence”, and said in the main, that was the type she’d see at her shelter. It is also the type that results in the most severe injuries in women, surprise surprise, likely because our “never EVER hit a woman” mentality has those men waiting until they completely lose control of their emotions before giving their women what they’re demanding.”

“Before giving their women what they’re demanding.”

If I wasn’t so sick after reading that, I’d have to say “Wait, What?”

3 thoughts on “A Disgusting “Wait, What?”

    • Yep.

      Is that all, or was there a point? I’ll discuss Pizzey’s views with you, and the research on the issue if you want, but you have to start the discussion with a little more than asking me if I’m familiar with her views. I’m really not trying to be flippant here, it’s just that I’m not going to go into an in depth dissection of Pizzey’s viewpoint in a comment thread that probably 3 people will read. If there is interest, I’d be more than happy to do a post about Pizzey, but to be honest it isn’t currently on my top ten list. If you want to discuss specific points, reply again and I have no problem responding.

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