Texas Gets Go Ahead to Screw Low Income Women Out of Health Care

From The HuffPo:

Texas officials are vowing to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood after a federal court sided with the state in a challenge over a new law that bans clinics affiliated with abortion providers from getting money through a health program for low-income women.The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans late Tuesday reversed a federal judge’s temporary injunction that was allowing the funding to continue pending an October trial on Planned Parenthood’s challenge to the law.

State officials are seeking to halt money to Planned Parenthood clinics that provide family planning and health services as part of the state’s Women’s Health Program because the Republican-led Texas Legislature passed a law banning funds to organizations linked to abortion providers.

Texas’ jihad against Planned Parenthood will stop exactly zero abortions.  Cancer screenings on the other hand…..

Planned Parenthood provides services like cancer screenings – but not abortions – to about half of the 130,000 low-income Texas women enrolled in the program, which is designed to provide services to women who might not otherwise qualify for Medicaid.

But who cares about 65,000 women when you can stick it to Planned Parenthood, amirite?

“We appreciate the court’s ruling and will move to enforce state law banning abortion providers and affiliates from the Women’s Health Program as quickly as possible,” Stephanie Goodman, a spokeswoman for the state Health and Human Services Commission, said in a statement.

But don’t worry women, Texas Gov. Rick Perry will make sure you still get health care.

Gov. Rick Perry has promised that Texas will make up for the loss of federal funds to keep the program going without Planned Parenthood’s involvement. In a statement, Perry called Tuesday’s ruling “a win for Texas women, our rule of law and our state’s priority to protect life.”

“Texas will continue providing important health services for women through this program in spite of the Obama Administration’s disregard for our state law and unilateral decision to defund this program,” he said.

Where Gov. Perry will get the funds to keep the program going was not mentioned.  Also not mentioned was the provider expected to pick up the estimated 65,000 women who now have to find a new health care provider.  Hey, it may be an empty promise, but it’s still a promise!

I would never presume to call the esteemed Gov. Perry a liar on this issue, but I will say that I smell the unmistakable odor of burning pants.

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