Chiropractor Claims…..Wait. What? No $#@%ing Way……

Okay, to get it out of the way early, don’t get me started on chiropractic.  The “theory” of chiropractic and innate intelligence is pure pseudoscience, chiropractic subluxations have never been shown to actually exist, and even “good”chiropractors who reject the “theory” of chiropractic are nothing but unlicensed physical therapists.  You can’t cure all disease by adjusting the spine, although you can cause a stroke with neck manipulation.  Probably the most disgusting video I ever watched was of a chiropractor manipulating the spine (with neck manipulation) of an infant.  (Read more about chiropractic care of children here.)

I am not an unbiased source when it comes to chiropractic, because I believe in a little something known as evidence.  And no, the plural of anecdote is not evidence.

But even if I went weekly to a chiropractor, I don’t know how I’d defend this press release, posted to The Gawker, that I found on Dispatches from the Culture War.

Don’t Let Anyone Go All Batman on YOUR Kids

Moviegoers beware, the person sitting next to you could be subluxated. Cutting them off from the ability to feel pain, feel happiness, feel anything. The same peson is sitting next to your child on the schoolbus. The same person is working next to you at the office. He is on your son’s baseball team. He is driving the car on your bumper. He is most assuredly the person in the waiting room at your doctor’s office. He is the same person who drove a plane into the Tower in New York. It’s worse than a flu epidemic. Subluxated, messed up nervous systems are everywhere. Your nervous system “connects” you to the world around you.

The person who can do this has no connection to the world anymore. He or she doesn’t even realize he’s not connected anymore. So, it’s up to you, the connected, to get them to an office like ours to open their eyes to the power that’s inside of them. They can be better than yesterday, closer to the ideal of healing and success in life. And in life that means being able to simply respond appropriately to the demands of the environment.

The “Batman Guy”, was unable to respond appropriately to his environment. He felt threatened where no threat existed. He was unable to express himself in a fashion that resulted in him growing. In other words, he was unable to sense appropriately, what his environment demanded, and he was unable to express appropriately, what he needed or wanted to. His nervous system is WAY haywire !! He is WAY subluxated !!!!

That’s the way it is. You are either getting the accurate messages to your brain or you’re getting screwed up messages to your brain. People who have subluxated spines are getting screwed up messages to their brains. They take medication because the messages can’t even run their bodies anymore. Does that mean everyone taking medication is going to go all Batman Movie on someone? No. But it DOES mean they are suffering and needlessly.

Help them out and get who YOU can in here to clear up their nervous systems. It’s that simple. Don’t let anyone else go all Batman out there. Bring them to a dinner, a workshop or just drag them in here kicking and screaming (like kids, they don’t know what they don’t know). They’ll thank you later.

The family of the Batman shooter thought everything was normal with their kid. He was going to graduate school, doing all the things “normal” people do. Except, he wasn’t checked for nervous system interference. Looked fine on the outside. Messed up inside. You just can’t tell until you take an x-ray.

If you have family members that haven’t been checked, don’t let it go another day. Get them checked. Let’s not have another sad story like this in our town.

Vibrant Life Center

I am honestly speechless.


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