Sure You Have Freedom of Religion and Speech, as Long as You are Christian and Straight

From over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, Ed Brayton gives us one more for the file marked “those who dare to threaten Christian hegemony.”

You may remember the story a few months ago when a high school in Tennessee refused to allow a student to publish an article in the school newspaper about the pervasively Christian atmosphere at the school and mistreatment of atheist students. I hadn’t kept up with the situation, but it seems things have gotten worse. A few months later, a gay student had an article in the yearbook saying “It’s OK to be gay” — and all hell broke loose.

Much of the community freaked out, of course. Kids were encouraged to rip that page out of their yearbook, the student who wrote it was in fear of her life, and people even demanded a criminal investigation of the teacher who led the yearbook effort — the same teacher who sponsored and worked with the school newspaper in the earlier incident. That teacher rightly stood up for the free speech rights of those students, which got him in trouble with the administration. And they have apparently taken their revenge by transferring him to the middle school(.)

Ed is my go to source for cases like this, and he is currently working on a book “which details how those who dare to threaten Christian hegemony, especially in schools, are almost always subjected to this kind of thing — and much worse.”  I am looking forward to both his book and a future where cases like this will only be found in history.


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