The Right Plays the Race Card and Ends Up in a “Wait, What?!”

If you mainline political news like I do, you no doubt heard of the “bombshell” “exclusive” video footage the right dug up from 2007 that finally proves that Barack Obama is black.  While the footage was hyped endlessly by the Drudge Report and Sean Hannity and some on the right decided to push the video as news (including the Romney campaign), the reaction of some on the right should clue you in to just how shocking this video is actually:

“This hurts Mitt,” 2008 Romney adviser Alex Castellanos told BuzzFeed. “An abysmally selfish and stupid event.”

“What’s the ‘So what’ of this video?” asked Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on Fox News. “I don’t think it’s going to really go anywhere.”

Meanwhile, the reaction on the left was a combination of disbelief and hysterical laughter.  After all, it isn’t like this was really exclusive footage.  The speech has been publicly available for years, and it was reported on during the 2008 election cycle by CNN and other outlets.  Including Tucker Carlson, who happened to be pushing it again this time, which leads us to a brilliant “Wait, What?!” worthy quote:

Carlson added, confusingly, “People will say this has already been reported. Actually, it hasn’t been reported. I know because I reported it the first time.




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