Get Off the Ladder, Drop the Razor, Put the Gun Down (Gently Please)

Pew Research released a poll today that found Obama and Romney even among registered voters, with Romney holding a 49-45 edge with likely voters.


Now I am not the Unskewed polls guy.  I am not going to sit here and pretend that this isn’t bad news.  Romney’s Gallop got him back in the race.  We will have to wait and see how much damage the debate caused, but one thing is for sure; Obama can not just let Romney stand on stage and lie.  Sure, bloggers and some political sites will call Romney on his willful manipulation of reality, but the mainstream media is firmly entrenched in the post-truth age.  (And to prepare you for more bad news, the PPP poll for the Daily Kos/SEUI will also show Romney with a lead.)
But seriously people.  Calm the fuck down.

You know that bad news link above?  The one that prepares you for the PPP poll tomorrow that shows Romney with a lead?  Click on it.  Give it a read.

First off, the Gallup daily tracking poll is back to Obama with a 5 point lead.  And what about the House of Ras?

Obama erased a two-point deficit in the Rasmussen tracker on Sunday night. Again, even Rasmussen’s famously volatile tracker appears fairly stable—with both candidates swinging between just two points, 47 and 49.

Romney had a couple of really good days.  Now things seem to be settling back.  Yes, the debate was bad, but it wasn’t the end of the election.  It is no reason to move to Canada or commit suicide.

If you don’t want President Romney, then get the fuck off your couch and do something.



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