I Apologize For This, But… “HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA”

From AlterNet:

I really do love actresses Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhall (still pulling for an Oscar for Davis), but in this case, I’m not particularly sorry to hear that “Won’t Back Down”–widely derided as a piece of blatant anti-union propaganda pushed into being by corporate reformers–did not sit well with critics or audiences.

In fact the film, which chronicles parents taking a school over from the teachers union, has now vaulted into history (or at least until it gets surpassed)  as the worst opening weekend of all time for its distribution size.

Maybe the poor opening was because no one, parents least of all, wanted to see a film that simplified a complex issue like their kids’ education.

Or maybe it because  the film only has a 34% fresh rating at Rottentomatoes, with many critics saying they’d be a bit more willing to excuse the anti- union talking points if they were embedded in an actually decent film. Quoth the critic from the LA Time s: “This poor film is so shamelessly manipulative and hopelessly bogus it will make you bite your tongue in regret and despair.” Ouch.

If I can stop laughing before I have to leave for work, I’ll be back with another post tonight.


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