A Message to Honest Members of the GOP

In the first presidential debate, no matter what your political affiliation happened to be, we could all agree on one thing; Romney won, Obama lost.  We could argue for a week (and some did) over why he lost, or if he really lost on substance or style, and so on, but the fact remains; Romney won, Obama lost.  This was a true bipartisan opinion.  Hell, poor Andrew Sullivan had to be talked back in off the damn ledge judging by his hilariously over the top reaction to the first debate.

Can we agree on that?  After one debate, the scorecard was definitely Romney 1, Obama 0.

So now, on the day after the second debate, I know I am going to hear various things from the right wing spin machine.  “The moderator was in the tank for Obama!” or “There were plants asking questions!” (I’m looking right at you, Malkin.)

So for those honest members of the GOP, I’m asking you to step outside of your right wing media bubble and admit reality.  It may be difficult, but you’ll feel better once you get it off your chest.

Obama beat Romney so badly last night it made Biden/Ryan look like a draw.

I’m not asking you to give up on your guy.  I’m not asking you to vote for Obama. (Although you really probably should, but I doubt I have any chance of changing your mind.)

I’m just asking you to admit reality.  That after two debates, the scorecard now reads Romney 1, Obama 1.  That Obama turned in probably the best debate performance of his political career last night, and Romney stepped on a land mine with his “gotcha” trap that wasn’t.  For christs sake, he got live fact checked by the moderator.

Last time, our guy got smoked.  Last night, it was your guys turn.

Deal with it.


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