Getting Away From Politics for a Bit….

But first, let me point out that the new Gallup tracker has Romney at 51% with likely voters.  That is a 7 point lead.  Call it an outlier or use it for motivation.  Gallup is seeing a race no one else is seeing, not even Rasmussen.  PPP meanwhile has debuted their tracking poll, and the first day has the race deadlocked at 48%.

And because the entire world has gone insane and I just linked to Rasmussen to counter a Gallup poll, I am taking a few days off from politics.  Seriously, linking to Ras just felt like the first time I linked to the HuffPo.  I feel dirty and need a shower.

Perhaps when I start posting about politics again, Romney will have had time to figure out his opinions on equal pay and abortion while discovering a way to make the math add up on his tax plan.

But I doubt it.

At least he has binders full of women!


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