Holy F’n $#@&, They Made a Prescription Speedball…..

Speedball:  Term used to refer to a combination dose of an opiate (usually, some use it for any “downer”) with a stimulant, most commonly heroin and cocaine, although prescription drug combinations such as percocet and adipex can also be used.

So I was surfing some old favorite blogs during my self imposed political hiatus (Seriously.  I linked to Rasmussen.  I’ve taken 3 showers and still feel dirty.) and I came across this nomination for the Bad Idea Hall of Fame over at White Coat Underground:

Enter into this picture a new medication, Rezira, marketed as a syrup to treat cough and congestion. Presumably, this would be used for patients with the common cold, the usual cause of these symptoms.

Sweet, a new cough and congestion medication.  Rezira.  I’ll have to remember that for this cold season….(bolding is mine, as always…)

This is an accident waiting to happen. The main ingredients are hydrocodone, the opioid present in vicodin, and pseudoephedrine, a decongestant and potential stimulant sometimes used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. When sold as vicodin, hydrocodone is mixed with tylenol, which if overused can cause liver failure. This drug removes that risk, perhaps protecting users from accidental tylenol doses. It offers a winning combination, a drug causing euphoria and central nervous system depression, plus a stimulant. Opioids and stimulants are a popular combination, for example when cocaine and heroin are mixed in “speedballing”.

Wait, what?!

You got your opiate in my stimulant!  No, you got your stimulant in my opiate!  Oh, wait….damn this feels good…..

I’m sure some of you think of me as an apologist for Big Pharma due to my views on vaccines.  (And once again, if Big Pharma wants to pay me to trash anti-vaxxers, get in touch.  I’m going to do it anyway, and believe me, I have no moral qualms about cashing checks for my own opinion.  And yes, that was sarcasm.  *wink*callme!*wink*)  But I honestly have a pretty low opinion of Big Pharma due to both the constant drug advertisements flooding television and the whole Oxycontin thing.  (It’s a time released opiate and you should prescribe it to everyone!  Oh, did we mention you can defeat the time release by crushing/chewing it?  Oh, and it is definitely injectable.  And it’s as strong as heroin.  Can’t see any problems here, can you?)  And this does nothing to change that low opinion.  (Did I just blow my chance at a kickback?  Damn…..)

Look, I’ve abused both of these drugs, hydrocodone and pseudoephedrine (although I personally preferred oxycodone and non-pseudo ephedrine) and a good deal of the time I was abusing them together.  There is a reason “speedballing” is popular among addicts.  It is not only an intense high, but it eliminates the downside(from the view of the drug user, not the medical community) to both drugs.  No “downer” effects from the opiate and no jitters from the speed.  And now they want to prescribe it for the fucking common cold?!?

Seriously.  You know I have no problem with people using drugs.  You know I support immediate drug decriminalization.  Yesterday.  But I also know that addiction is a serious problem in this nation.  (Know?  Hell, I lived it.)  And this is a prescription speedball that is going to hook people who never even considered using an opiate before, and it is going to go right into the stock of the local drug dealer.


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