Have I Done a “Wait, What?!?” Recently? Well, Here’s Bryan Fischer to Make Up For It

Before we delve into today’s “Wait, What?!?” I want to talk about signs that someone may possibly be a bigot.  Some of them are fairly obvious; a confederate flag tattoo or bumper sticker, membership in the American Family Association (HA Zing!), an insistence that marriage equality will invariably lead to some guy marrying both his neighbor’s five year old daughter and his cousin’s pet Cockatiel in a church with the Pastor being forced to perform the ceremony by the government, and the use of any form of the phrase “I’m not racist but…” or “Some of my best friends are gay, but…”.

Some bigotry is so well hidden that it would take the brainpower of an attention deficit nine year old on two hours of sleep who forgot to take his medication to ferret out. Take this quote by Bryan “Possibly a Gay Muslim plant intended to make Christians look like bigots” Fischer supporting the suspension of immigration from majority Muslim nations:

…while there are moderate Muslims, no one has yet developed a error-free way to tell the difference between the Muslims we have to worry about and the ones we don’t. Until that day comes, we must be cautious about them all.

Quick, get that nine year old before he falls asleep, and have him replace the word “Muslim” with the word “Christian” and see what Bryan thinks about the new statement.  My crystal ball is in the shop, but I’m willing to place a rather large wager that his response would include a claim of persecution against Christians.  What Bryan “Religious Freedom! As long as you are Christian, that is…” Fischer is never going to admit is that the major terrorist threat currently is from the choir he is preaching to:

Right-wing extremist individuals over the past decade in the United States were as likely to use violence as a means to express their political or social beliefs as those motivated by Osama bin Laden’s ideology.

I mean hey, no one has developed an error-free way to tell the difference between the Christians who would bomb Oklahoma City or shoot an abortion provider in church with the ones who wouldn’t.  So I guess I’ll have to take Bryan’s implied advice and just be cautious about all Christians.  (I think I just sprained my eye from rolling it too much…)

After that long digression, here is today’s “Wait, What?!?”, courtesy of Bryan “Possibly a lusty cockmonster who worships Allah” Fischer and RightWingWatch:

We are importing Muslims from Muslim-majority countries hand-over-fist. We have delegated to the UN the choice of those that come to the Untied States as refugees; we have said to the UN “you pick ’em and we’ll take ’em in.” So what the UN is doing, they are just flooding the United States with Muslims as refugees and they’re distributing all throughout the South. Why are they building that huge mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee? I mean, most of them have never even heard of Murfreesboro, Tennessee? What are they even doing there? Well that’s the United States government importing these Muslim immigrants at the behest of the UN and dropping them in these communities all over the South, deliberately seeding them all throughout the United States.

Um, the reason they are building a”huge mosque” is that Murfreesboro has a Muslim population of 250 families totaling around 1000 people.  Does that answer your ques….

Wait, what?!  The UN is seeding the south with hand picked Muslims?  Muslims are now an imported commodity?    The US Government told the UN “you pick’ em and we’ll take ’em in”?  Is that an actual quote?  Someone call Joe Rogan, because this conspiracy shit just got real!

Gives the term “Southern Strategy” a whole new meaning, does it not?

Bryan “blah blah blah GAY AGENDA blah blah blah SHARIA LAW” Fischer, everyone.  Totally not a bigot.


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