Log Cabin Republicans Endorse Romney After Mitt Pledges to Personally Pay for Every Member to Attend Reversion Therapy

“This is a candidate who will shove us back in the closet where we belong,” Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director, R. Clarke Cooper did not say.  He also did not say “Our poor understanding of economic theory continues to cause us to support a political party that wants nothing to do with us, populated with many who believe we will burn in hell for all eternity.”

When the imaginary journalist in my head pressed him on the possible effects of a Romney administration, Mr. Cooper most definitely did not respond “While some factions of the GOP continue to equate my love for my partner with bestiality or child molestation. being hated and demonized is a small price to pay for tax cuts.  Ka-ching!”

Yeah, I could tell you what they really said, but it is no less silly that what I just wrote.


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