Make It Stop!

I seriously do not know how those of you living in true swing states deal with these advertisements.

Living in Pennsylvania, I’ve been pretty much left alone.  Sure, there are the ads for state races, and the Pittsburgh stations that I occasionally watch have had some Obama ads now and then (perhaps because some Ohio markets get the channels as well?), but on the whole the only presidential ads I’ve seen have been on the national channels.  Until now…

With Romney looking for an alternative path to 270 , Pennsylvania is one of his main “hail mary” states.  And to be honest, I have to wonder if this ad blitz will wind up turning off just as many potential voters as it wins for him.  I took my mother shopping today, and as I was putting her groceries away she was watching Inside Edition on the local CBS affiliate.  Every single commercial break was composed of 4 back to back Romney ads, either from the campaign itself or one of the various super-PAC’s supporting him.  I am not exaggerating.  The first break was interesting, since there were ads I haven’t seen yet.  By the third break, it was like a broken record.  The annoyance wasn’t caused by the fact that I disagree with literally every word of the advertisements;  I would have been equally annoyed if Obama had run a similar ad buy.  It was just overkill.

Unless the polls are systematically wrong, I do not believe there is anything Romney could do to win Pennsylvania this late in the race.  But I think the ads would be much more effective if they weren’t making you want to insert an icepick deep into your frontal lobe from constant repetition.  In a race where the majority of the nation just wants it to be over already, is Romney attempting to irritate Pennsylvanians into voting for him?

A side note on the ads.  Out of all of them, only one said anything about Romney’s plan.  All the rest of them were of the “Obama didn’t save the world, kick him out” type.  I find it sad that Romney’s best argument for voting for him seems to be that he isn’t Obama.  They are also running the “I voted for Obama in 2008, but not this time” ad constantly.  I will have more on this later, but for now just one comment.  If you voted for Obama in 2008 and are voting for Romney in 2012, you are a fucking idiot.

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