Well, That’s a Shocker…

If you are anything like me, you will be like a kid on Christmas eve tonight, anxious and unable to sleep.  iSideWith.com is a website that surveys your views on multiple issues and shows you how your views compare to those of the presidential candidates.(It will also compare you with Senate and House candidates if you so desire.)  While I seriously doubt any of you reading this are actually undecided voters (and if you are, you probably don’t want to read my next post…), it is still a way to waste away a few minutes of tonight’s insomnia.

My results were expected.  My views coincided with those of Green party candidate Jill Stein 96% of the time and Obama’s 91%.  If I lived in a deep blue state, I would more than likely end up voting for Stein this year, but since my home is only “likely Democratic” my vote will go to Obama.  Like many progressives, I have issues with Obama.  No matter how much the right tries to label him a “liberal,” the reality-based world understands that Obama is a moderate; center to center-left, with certain policies straying over to center-right.  Believe me, I would love to have a true progressive in the White House.  But, as I said, reality-based world.  In the system we have with only the candidates from the two major parties having any chance to win a national election, there really isn’t even a choice to make for those of us who either lean left or are on the left.  Obama is not my ideal President, but he isn’t just the “lesser of two evils” either.  I am quite happy to vote for a candidate who “only” agrees with me 91% of the time.

Speaking of evil though, my agreement with Romney was calculated at 4% with no major issues in common, and a whopping 1% in common with the GOP.  That did surprise me a bit; I didn’t expect it to be that high, but 4%?  Ouch.

Anyway, go and take the survey.  Then tomorrow go and take the one that counts.


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