If you didn’t see it tonight, make the time, no matter your political biases, and watch Obama’s victory speech.  It was a uniting speech, it was a big speech, and it was a masterful piece of oratory.  That was possibly the best speech I have ever seen him give, definitely the best one since 2004.  I’d give commentary on it, but you really need to see it yourself.

I do admit that I teared up when the President, his wife, and his two daughters walked on the stage and were welcomed with a deafening, sustained roar.  As important as the victory in 2008 was, this one feels bigger.  That’s the second time this week I’ve teared up over something from the President.  Go over to the Wonkette and read the letter sent to him by a 10 year old girl with homosexual parents, and his response.  I am proud to have voted for that man.

Now that the concession and victory speeches are over, the true celebration can begin:

No more Chris Matthews!  Thanks to MSNBC’s evening schedule, if I turn Rachael on early I may have to listen to Ed Shultz for a second or two, but I won’t have to hear Chris Matthews’ voice or the idiocy it carries until hopefully the 2014 midterm elections.   And believe me, after listening to Matthews’ idiotic rant about Obama’s victory speech, 2014 would be too soon.  As much as I want to 1) keep watching election coverage until I can sleep, and 2) keep having Rachael Maddow provide that coverage, the next time Matthews makes a moronic comment I’m changing the channel.  So MSNBC, you have me watching probably until it is Matthews turn to talk again.  Oh, well.  I’m getting damn sleepy anyway.

Virginia has been called for Obama.  If Florida goes blue again, I dare say this is borderline landslide territory.  Nate Silver from 538 completely nailed this election with his prediction model.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell just jumped the fucking shark with his reaction to the Obama victory.

Nevada has been called for Obama.  That’s 303 with Florida still too close to call.  If Florida goes Obama, Nate Silver will have nailed every state.

I guess it is time for that poll unskewing guy to become a vote unskewing guy!  Seriously, I figure if you subtract 5% from Obama’s vote total in every state, because everyone knows the Democrats were supposed to stay home this election, Romney actually won the electoral college!  In a landslide!

I am really interested in Unskewed Polls reaction to the complete debunking of their hypothesis.  Will they even respond, or just fade away?

Shit, Matthews is talking again, time for me to go to sleep.  One last point:

All is right in the world.  Dick Morris not only predicted a Romney landslide, but stuck by a Romney victory through out the night no matter what the exit polls were showing.  That was the only thing you needed to know to predict the winner in this election; Dick Morris is always wrong.


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