A Message from Denial of Reality Land

The National Organization for Marriage has weighed in on Tuesdays election results:

Brian Brown, president of NOM, put out a statement today saying that they are “disappointed” about losing, but they knew it would be tough because “the four marriage battles [were] occurring in four of the deepest-blue states in America.”

“Our opponents and some in the media will attempt to portray the election results as a changing point in how Americans view gay marriage, but that is not the case,” Brown said. “Americans remain strongly in favor of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The election results reflect the political and funding advantages our opponents enjoyed in these very liberal states.”

John Helmberger, chairman of Minnesota for Marriage, who lives in a similar land, also spoke out:

”We know that God has defined marriage as between one man and one woman, regardless of the efforts of some to overthrow His design,”

Derek McCoy, president of the Maryland Family Alliance, placed the blame on the demon of “political correctness”:

“Today, it’s becoming more politically correct to be in favor of same-sex marriage than marriage that has been around since the beginning of civilization.”

Funny.  No mention of shifting demographics or the overwhelming acceptance of marriage equality by younger voters.  From those comments it doesn’t even look like they are considering the fact that hey, maybe the majority of voters in Maryland, Minnesota,  Maine, and Washington just think everyone should be able to get married.  It is all excuses.  “Political Correctness!”  “They had more money than us!”

NOM?  Maryland Family Alliance?  Minnesota for Marriage?  Other anti-gay marriage crusaders?  Let me spell this out for you.  \

You lost on Tuesday.  Badly.  You didn’t lose because the other side had more money, you didn’t lose because people are frightened of the P.C. police, you didn’t lose because Satan himself sent a hoard of demons to stuff the ballot boxes.  You lost on Tuesday for the same reason you will continue to lose from here on out.  Sure, you may score a victory or two in deep red states, or during a mid-term election when the youth vote doesn’t turn out, but those will be nothing but temporary victories for your side.

You lost because most people know someone in the GLBT community, and they realize that they aren’t depraved sinners, but people like everyone else.  You lost because the recent generations just aren’t that in to denying people rights based on their sexual orientation.  You lost because no matter how much you try to hide your homophobia behind “defense of marriage” language, a persons sexual orientation just isn’t as big of a deal to most people as it is to you.  You lost because allowing same-sex marriage does absolutely nothing to degrade or cheapen heterosexual marriage.  You lost because most people understand that it is not their business what two consenting adults do, who they love, or who they marry.    You lost because you are on the wrong side of history.

In ten years, some of you are going to look back on your recent words and pictures of yourself at anti-gay marriage rallies and hang your head in shame.  Some of you will hold onto your bigotry longer; some until the day you die.    Some of you will indoctrinate your children with your homophobia.  Some of you will be an embarrassment to them like the racist grandfather who won’t shut up around their friends.  Some of your churches will hold tightly to their doctrine on this issue, others will change with society.  Imagine where the Mormon church would be today if they refused to change their teachings about blacks, or if they never would have let go of polygamy.  It may take a while, but eventually most of you will realize what the majority of us have already; that being gay does not make someone a monster, that allowing consenting adults to marry does not open the door to non-consensual marriage scenarios (dogs, kids, whatever), and that denying people rights because of who they are is bigoted, hateful, and wrong.

Move on.




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