I’m Not Saying Wichita, Kansas Jumped the Shark….

But Wichita had their water skis strapped on and there was a shark in the area, so draw your own conclusions.

Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars, I bring you this fine example of Democracy Gone Wild!!!

I somehow missed this result from last week’s election. The city of Wichita, Kansas actually passed an ordinance banning the use of fluoride in that city’s drinking water supply. And the organizers of the campaign to enact that ban say they’re now going to reproduce it in other cities and states around the country:

Advocates who led the successful fight against adding fluoride to Wichita’s water say they will work to get their message out across the state and the nation.

Wichita voters on Tuesday rejected a proposal to add fluoride to the city’s water by a 60 percent to 40 percent margin. Although three-fourths of the country fluoridates its water, the anti-fluoride movement is gaining traction across the nation, Jonathan Hall, of Wichitans Against Fluoridation, said after the vote.

“We’re part of the upcoming wave of change,” he said…

Both Mark Gietzen, president of the Kansas Republican Assembly, and Hall said that the anti-fluoride forces plan to continue their efforts.

“We’re definitely going to take this statewide; we’re not going to quit,” Gietzen said.

Fluoride?  Really people?  Fluoride?

I ‘m assuming that my readers tend to be on the skeptical side, so I am not going to insult your intelligence by explaining how absolutely fucking crazy banning fluoride from municipal water supplies is.  It makes anti-vaxxers look like scientists.

I only call attention to this to make a point.  It doesn’t take much for a few people with dedication and a mission to convince a voting majority in a community of anything.  If you see insane ballot questions like this one coming up in your area, write a letter to the editor or do something about it.  The majority of the nation is not scientifically literate.  Sure, Wichita just banned fluoride, which will lead to a few more rotten teeth, but more than likely no serious effects.  But it may be vaccines up for vote next.  Confront pseudoscience where ever you find it.

Seriously, fluoride?

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