America: Land of Honest Job-Creating Businesses Vs. Work Shirking Pregnant Takers

From Courthouse News Service with a tip of the hat to the Wonkette:

 April Roller sued National Processing of America, in Federal Court.
Roller claims National Processing, an inbound and outbound call center, promoted her to management in January 2011, less than a year before it fired her.
Roller claims National Processing fired her because of her high-risk pregnancy.
She says National Processing harassed throughout her pregnancy, including delaying paperwork for taking leave under the Family Medical Leave Act writing her up for frequent bathroom visits due to morning sickness.

Damn parasites with their claims of harassment.  This is America!1!1!, where God-fearing, Job-creating businesses keep the economy rolling by paying their slaves employees low wages with no benefits.  If you are in the restroom vomiting, you can’t be taking calls now, can you?  The phone stops for no fetus.  Besides, it isn’t like National Processing of America didn’t bend over backwards to accommodate Roller’s outrageous demands:

 “On one occasion, defendant’s manager told plaintiff that she would obtain a larger trash can for plaintiff so that she could take care of vomiting without having to visit the bathroom or leave her seat,” the complaint states. “Plaintiff complained about such comment appropriately but nothing was done nor any apology provided to plaintiff. Instead, plaintiff received additional write-ups without her knowledge, to further discriminate against her and in retaliation for her complaint about the rude comment pertaining to her pregnancy condition.

They opened up their hearts and went above and beyond to offer her a larger trash can so she could vomit from her desk, and how does she repay their generosity?  By complaining.  Typical woman.

 “On another occasion, defendant’s manager told plaintiff that defendant did not ‘pay [her] to pee,’ objecting to plaintiff’s necessity to use the bathroom when plaintiff experienced nausea or dizziness due to her pregnancy conditions. Defendant’s manager claimed to plaintiff it was not ‘fair to other employees’ for plaintiff to take excessive bathroom breaks. When plaintiff complained about being told that defendant did not ‘pay [her] to pee,’ defendant characterized plaintiff’s need to take bathroom breaks due to the conditions of her pregnancy as being ‘constantly out of her desk.'”

I see nothing wrong with the actions of management in this case.  Some people are indeed paid to pee*.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Obama started paying black people to pee as he lays the groundwork for his third term in office and the coming communist/fascist/Nazi/Islamic/demonic future.  But we have not gone that far down the road to hell, and businesses do not yet have to pay their slaves employees to urinate, and Roller was not being employed to piss.  Management is also correct in stating that her pregnancy related bathroom breaks were not fair to the other slaves employees.  As they witness her continuing trips to the restroom to vomit or urinate, it would only be a matter of time before all the indentured servants employees wanted to vomit every 10 minutes.  Management never asked her to get pregnant, after all.  Perhaps if she wanted to keep her job, she should have thought about the consequences before slutting herself around.

Roller claims she was also reprimanded for wearing special shoes because her feet were swollen, and she was demoted and refused a transfer due to her pregnancy.

Special shoes?!  Probably her gay/lesbian/commie/demon/nazi/liberal uniform shoes.\

Roller seeks actual and punitive damages for violations of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Title VII and the Family Medical Leave Act.

National Processing of America should counter-sue Roller for the cost of the extra trash bags she vomited in, and the extra water wasted by her constant toilet flushing.

She is represented by Marie Gockel, with Bratcher Gockel & Kingston, of Kansas City, Mo.

How can she afford a lawyer?  Is Marie Gockel and her firm siding with the parasites in society and representing her pro bono?  Or is the Obama administration paying for her lawyer in exchange for her vote in 2016?

What is this country coming to?  As the Wonkette points out:

What, did you think we were in some horrible socialist country that gives workers a minimum of 24 weeks of maternity leave? We aren’t a bleeding-heart nanny-state, you hippy! That’s Iran. We here in the greatest country in the visible universe don’t have maternity leave! We’re holding down the fort with Swaziland and Papua New Guinea as the last countries ever to not have any, because regulation kills jobs. If you don’t want to need time off, don’t have sex! And if you don’t want employers to base hiring decisions on whether you’re of child-bearing age, don’t be a woman.


*Some drug users pay non-drug users to provide urine samples for them so they can pass drug tests given by various authorities, in case you were wondering how you could be paid to pee.




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