Things I’ve Been Doing Besides Blogging….

This has been my first holiday season working on a hospital campus, and from what I can gather it has been a crazy one.  In addition to the normal holiday trauma insanity, the entire campus went smoke-free on January 1st, which cost the restaurant I work for to lose a full third of their employees over two days.  Just when everything seemed to be returning to normal, influenza came to town with a vengeance.  (Quite thankful for my flu shot this year.)  Working full time third shift while also covering an extra 40 hours during the day hasn’t left me much time or energy to do much of anything, but things seem to be settling down.  The new hires are trained, and I don’t think there is anyone left to get sick, so …

I did find the time to call in to the Cognitive Dissonance podcast last week with a bit of snark.  If you haven’t listened to CogDis, the best way I can describe it is as the intellectual heir to Irreligiosophy version 1.o, without the annoying misogyny from Leighton.  It’s skeptical, political, atheistic, and hilarious, dealing with current events and featuring some good guests from around the skeptical community.  You can find the latest episode right here, which will give you something to listen to while breathlessly waiting for new Foster Disbelief posts.

Okay.  No promises this time, but I should be back to posting in the next few days.  I am actually off Monday and Tuesday nights, so watch out!  Of course, the way things have been going, the whole first shift will probably come down with whooping cough Monday morning, since it is apparently making a nice comeback in my area.  Way to go, anti-vaxxers!

And hey, if I’m back by Monday, I’ll only be two weeks late.  That’s within the range of fashionable for bloggers, correct?



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