Today’s Moment of Comedy

Courtesy of Dispatches from the Culture Wars:

I’m a big fan of unintentional comedy, which is often funnier than the intentional variety. I especially tend to laugh when people are being absolutely serious while spouting the most ridiculous nonsense imaginable. Here’s a perfect example, a charismatic preacher telling the story of wrestling with demons.

Hmmm.  Wrestling with demons?  I’m sure the preacher is referring to a metaphorical struggle she once had with a vice of hers, or maybe an attempt to bring a lost sheep back to the flock, or…oh, wait.  She was actually wrestling with a demon?

We were holding a special event. The atmosphere was charged with God’s presence. The service was bathed in prayer and worship. The leadership—from several different ministries—was in perfect harmony. Every gift was in its place and the anointing was flowing. We all expected a great move of God. Of course, when God begins moving demons often begin manifesting. We expected that, but not in the way it panned out.

Wild-Eyed, Demonic Prayer

I was scheduled to preach in a few minutes when I noticed a wild-eyed person praying in what sounded like a demonic language and laying hands on a visiting leader from another nation.* I looked around hoping to dispatch an usher break up the incident but everyone was deep in worship—and no one in the young church had been in this type of situation before. They were stunned. I walked over and gently nudged the wild-eyed person, who was widely known among the congregation, and asked them to sit down. This person was not assigned to the altar and had no authority to lay hands on people.

When the wild-eyed one refused to loosen the strong grip on the visiting minister, I began to pull them away with more force. The person held tight and refused to let go. I would not relent, in the name of Jesus. That’s when the person suddenly lunged toward me, smacked me in the head and began spewing forth curses and releasing witchcraft. It was a literal wrestling match at the altar! Although it was intense, it only lasted seconds because the demon has to bow at the name of Jesus. But it still caused quite a stir…

When you encounter these types of demonic attacks, you have to think quick on your feet. “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn” (Isaiah 54:17). But sometimes you have to break word curses demon-inspired people release at you in the midst of the battle. I was completely covered in witchcraft after the encounter I mentioned, and yet had to step into the pulpit in minutes.


I love this line: “But it still caused quite a stir…”  Really?  Tackling a person praying over a visiting minister caused a stir?  Why don’t demonic wrestling matches ever break out in any churches I attend?

And “completely covered in witchcraft”?  Is that like demonic bukkake?


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