What to Expect: Part 2

While the areas of Pennsylvania surrounding Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are progressive, the vast land between the cities can be as red as the deep south; hence the term, Pennsyltucky.  The part of PA in which I reside is overwhelmingly republican and Christian, and the newspaper that arrives on my doorstep each morning reflects the community.  So when a national or state-wide story is reported on in a questionable way by the Altoona Mirror, expect to see a post here at Foster Disbelief.

For example….

Dropping of Plan B restrictions divides medical community

Well, maybe not the whole community, but it definitely divides Dr. Shaun Jester from the community.

Dr. Shaun Jester, OB-GYN at Nason Hospital, Roaring Spring, said a judge shouldn’t be allowed to practice medicine and the hormone could hurt young girls whose bodies aren’t developed enough to handle Plan B.

“I believe, personally, the motive is political,” Jester said, adding that if he can’t buy cough syrup without a driver’s license, there’s no reason why a young pubescent girl should be able to buy hormones over the counter.

Jester said the political motivation is tied to the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare. He said the law’s proponents hope emergency contraceptives and, eventually, medications like birth control, will be made available over the counter.

Of course!  How could we have missed out on Obama’s devious political schemes?  That’s why the Obama administration overruled the FDA when they originally decided Plan B should be over the counter.  Or something.  Wonder what other brilliant musings Dr. Jester has for us all?

Jester cited lawsuits filed by Hobby Lobby’s evangelical Christian owner, who sued over a federal mandate requiring employee-provided insurance to cover birth control. He said some doctors and insurance companies invoke a right of conscience in refusing to prescribe medicine that violates their own religious, moral or ethical beliefs.

Once certain medications are over the counter, “there’s nothing to stop the right of conscience,” he said.

Oh, so once certain medications are over the counter, there is no way for you to force your religious and moral beliefs down other peoples throats.  Got ya.  Abortion sense….tingling.

“In medicine, the term abortion can apply” only after an egg, fertilized with sperm, is implanted in a woman’s uterus,” Jester said. Anything that happens before that “doesn’t count.”

But the medical definition doesn’t state that life hasn’t begun, he said, and if someone believes a fertilized egg is a person, then it’s an abortion to prevent an egg from attaching to the uterus.

“You just can’t call it an abortion,” he said, “but it causes a layperson’s definition of an abortion.”

Correction.  It causes the anti-abortion zealot layperson’s definition of abortion.  Cause I am a layperson and it doesn’t sound anything like an abortion to me.  No more than any other form of hormonal birth control sounds like abortion.  Hmmm.  I wonder what Dr. Jester thinks of those?  We already know what Hobby Lobby thinks of them.  Slut pills.


Of course, any newspaper in a red city is going to get letters to the editor, so there will be a Altoona Mirror Letter to the Editor of the Week here at FD.  I’m tempted to start this feature today, but relaunch is only a week away.  Patience.



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