Election Day….

Today was election day and residents of my county are electing a new judge, and let me just say that making judge an elected, political position is one of the most asinine ideas ever hatched in our democracy.  Wade Kagarise, the Blair County assistant DA is one of the three candidates, and while I have absolutely zero respect for the man himself, I have to give him a great deal of credit for the campaign he is running.  Unfortunately, I fully expect him to be Judge Kagarise by the end of the day.

During the beginning of the campaign season, Kagarise came to my door looking for votes and I had a chance to look at his flyers.  Highlighted on his material was the fact that he was pro-life and that he was a supporter of the NRA.  In fact, if you check the Kagarise for Judge site, that information is still featured:


On the Second Amendment

Wade Kagarise is a NRA member and firearms owner. He remembers fondly his time hunting in central Pennsylvania with his family and friends. He believes that the second amendment guarantees a right of private ownership of firearms.

On the Right to Life

Wade Kagarise is and has always been Pro-Life. As a past candidate for election to positions in the Republican Party, he has been recognized and endorsed as a Pro-Life candidate.

Now he has every right to belong to whatever organization he wants to, and is free to feel he has the right to decide what a woman can do with her own body.  But he is running for Judge in the county court of common pleas.  Not State supreme court.  Not state superior court.  Court of common pleas.

Who the flying fuck gives a shit if he is pro-life?  Why is it relevant in any way that he is a member of the NRA?

Is he expecting the chance to overturn Roe V. Wade?  Counting on any future assault weapons ban coming through his court room?  Hell, even if there was a chance in hell of either of these issues popping up at the Blair county courthouse, it isn’t like any ruling he made on the issue wouldn’t immediately be taken out of his hands by a higher court.

But Kagarise definitely knows the electorate.  Blair country is overwhelmingly Republican, and more than Republican, it is overwhelmingly far right Tea Party conservative.  Even though his views on abortion and gun ownership has absolutely no bearing on his ability to be a Common pleas Judge, his stance on those issues will cause a lot of people to pull the lever for him once they get in that polling booth.

So congrats Wade, on a well run campaign.  You shouldn’t even be able to be elected to it, but I am sure by tomorrow you will be Judge Kagarise.

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