Speaking of Judges Who Can’t Keep Their Far Right Beliefs Out of the Courtroom…

From the Dallas Voice, with a hat tip to Dispatches from the Culture War:

Page Price and Carolyn Compton have been together for almost three years, but a Collin County judge is forcing them apart.

Wait.  A judge is forcing them apart?  Why the hell would…oh, wait.  Page is a woman’s name, right?  So is Carolyn.  Ah, homophobia.  What a cockroach of a judge.

Judge John Roach Jr., a Republican who presides over the 296th District Court, enforced the “morality clause” in Compton’s divorce papers on Tuesday, May 7. Under the clause, someone who has a “dating or intimate relationship” with the person or is not related “by blood or marriage” is not allowed after 9 p.m. when the children are present. Price was given 30 days to move out of the home because the children live with the couple.

Morality clause?  For reals?  For reals for reals?  What is this, 1950?  It’s not like the mother is bringing home a different one night stand every night either, they’ve been in a relationship for almost 3 years.  This family values shit is really wearing thin.  Forcing these two women, who are in a committed, stable relationship to stop living together is going to negatively affect the kids.  You know, the kids the judge claims he is trying to protect?  Oh well, at least they have an out.  They can just get married and then there is no problem any more.  Oh, they live in Texas.  Well, scratch marriage.   This appropriately named judge is such a great champion of family values.

Although in his defense, maybe he is just standing up for the father?  Maybe these women are using their illicit relationship to shut him out of his children’s lives?  (I know, even sarcastically it doesn’t sound right.  Still, deal with it, it sets up this next quote…)

Price also mentions that Compton’s ex-husband rarely sees their two children and was once charged with stalking Compton. She said he also hired a private investigator in order to bring the case before the judge. Court records show the ex-husband, Joshua Compton, was charged with third-degree felony stalking in 2011 but pleaded to a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespassing.

Sounds like a fine, upstanding citizen.  I mean, what’s more American than stalking your ex-wife?



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