Virginia Strengthens Case to be Official Commonwealth of Insanity.

Virginia GOP Lt. Governor nominee E.W. Jackson used a sermon last October to lay the crazy bigotry smack down.  He would have jumped the shark, but the shark walked out of the sermon before the jumping could take place.  The shark was heard muttering, “the dude is a fucking wackjob, I’m not letting him try to jump me.”  From RightWingWatch:

Virginia GOP Lt. Governor nominee E.W. Jackson added to his long list of virulently anti-gay remarks by warning that marriage equality for gays and lesbians will result in the legalization of man-animal unions. Jackson warned the crowd that if they don’t stop “Adam and Steve” it is going to “soon be Adam and a bull,”

Okay, let us break this down.

  1. Homosexual marriage involves two consenting adults.  It does not pave the way to pedophilia, since minors can not consent by law, or bestiality, since animals can not consent.  Seriously, drop the fucking argument.  It is dishonest and makes you look like an idiot.  If you think gay marriage should be outlawed because your book says it is a sin or because you think gay sex is icky, then say so.  It is still a horrible argument, but at least it is an honest argument.
  2. If you are going to insist on continuing to use the ludicrous slippery slope argument against gay marriage, please pick your examples better.  No one fucks a bull.

Of course, this is far from E.W. Jackson’s first bit of homophobia.  He also believes that homosexuality is an abomination.  You know, like eating shellfish and wearing blend fabrics.




Nor is it his first trip on the crazy train.  You see, he is against federal disaster relief because it turns the federal government into some type of God…


When did Virginia abandon the “Virginia is for lovers” tourism campaign for “Virginia is for wingnuts”?


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