How Soon We Forget….

Crystal Wright is a black female conservative pundit  who is a columnist at  Normally I wouldn’t mention that fact.  The relevant information is the writers ideas and words, not their gender or race.  In this case however, it is relevant, both because Townhall practically shouts it from the rooftops (look, we got a black woman who agrees with us!!!),

Crystal Wright is a black conservative woman living in Washington, D.C. Some would say she is a triple minority: woman, black and a Republican living in a Democrat dominated city.

and because it is her sex and race that makes her viewpoint so damn depressing.  This is a member of two (sorry, being a Republican living in a Democratic city does not qualify you for minority status.  I live in an overwhelmingly far right Republican area, and while I may be surrounded by idiots, I am not a minority.) minority groups who have a history of being oppressed who sees absolutely nothing wrong with joining in on the oppression of another minority group struggling to claim the rights her groups have already won.  Oh, how soon we forget.  From Crystal’s article at Townhall titled, “The Gay Takeover of America” comes the following gems:

Gays, who represent less than 3% of our population, are trying to dominate our culture and society.

Yeah!  Just like those damn black people, who by the way, only represent 13.1% of the US population*, yet dominate so much of pop culture and are unfairly overrepresented in professional sports.  Hell, they even think they have the right to be president.  Uppity minorities.

Between gay marriage, gay adoptions, forcing the Boy Scouts to admit gay scouts and scout masters, and lauding a rich NBA player for announcing he’s gay, the message is clear from gay America to the 97% of the rest of us. You will accept our lifestyle as mainstream. My response: “No I won’t.”

You go girl!  If more people would have stuck to their guns in the past, maybe we wouldn’t live in a society where black people are allowed to adopt white children, where a black person can marry a white person, where southern Boy Scout troops are no longer segregated (you know, separate but equal!**), and where black people dominate the NBA.

Notice when anyone rejects this gay agenda based on religious beliefs or personal views, they are called bigots or mocked.

I know!  Just like whenever those good, upstanding Christians would stand up for their personal views and religious beliefs by dressing up in white sheets and burning a few crosses, they would get called bigots.  Wait, I guess they also performed a few lynchings as well.  Maybe too extreme of an example.  Ok, then just like those people who stood up for their personal views and religious beliefs to defend anti-miscegenation laws were called bigots.  Or those who claimed that black people like segregation were unfairly tarred with the brush of bigotry.

Fucking fascists!

There’s more. Democratic Senators are pushing to include a “gay couple’s” provision in the comprehensive immigration reform legislation. Bowing to the gay strong-arming, Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy will offer up the amendment, Uniting Americans Family Act, when the committee votes on the bill. The amendment allows “foreign same sex partners” of legal US residents or citizens to come to America and get a green card. Talk about a target for fraud. What test will the government use to certify people are gay and “permanent partners” and NOT people posing as gay to game the system?

Well, not to worry here, since this amendment has been nuked out of the bill, but seriously, what test is the government going to use to certify that heterosexual couples are actually “permanent partners” and not just married to game the system?  What, only gay people are devious enough to fake a relationship for the benefits the relationship grants?  “Gay Strong-arming”?  Give me a fucking break.  There was strong-arming involved, it was just the homophobic strong-arming of bigots to get the amendment stripped from the bill.

No matter how many TV shows are produced about gay couples being married and raising children, or phones calls made by president Obama to gay athletes, homosexuality will never be the majority in our culture. I think it’s high time the 97% of the rest of heterosexual America stand up for the preservation of American society not the distortion of it.

And since homosexuals will never be a majority, unlike Hispanics and those of African descent, who actually could become a majority, it is perfectly alright to discriminate against them as much as we want!  Because freedom!

*Statistic from USA QuickFacts on

**From African American Registry:

In the South, with the “separate but equal” mindset of the times, black troops were not treated equally. They were often not allowed to wear scout uniforms, and had far smaller budgets and insufficient facilities to work with. The BSA on a national level was often defensive about its stance on segregation. “The Boy Scouts of America] never drew the color line, but the movement stayed in step with the prevailing mores.” Even so, there was only one integrated troop before 1954 in the Deep South compared to the frequent occurrence of integration in the North. Also, the Scouts in the South did not support social agencies that were allies of the BSA. The YMCA was historically one of the BSA’s strongest supporters, but in Richmond, Virginia, blacks were not allowed to use the Y’s facilities to earn merit badges, specifically for swimming.

h/t to Dispatches from the Culture Wars


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