Someone Take the Damn Shark Away From the NRA Already

Seriously, you have jumped the shark jumping the shark.  Can you as an organization just pretend to be sane for small period of time at least?  I mean, you won.  You killed any chance of congress passing some rational gun legislation already.  You’ve flexed your political muscle.  The gun manufacturers who you represent won’t have to stop raking in the profits on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.  Shady people can still exploit the gun show loophole to purchase weapons a background check would stop them from owning.  Three cheers.  You won.  Yay, victory.  So can you turn the rhetoric meter down from 11 to something a little more tolerable?  I mean, I know you are the NRA, so how about setting it at 8?  At least until the next mass shooting?  Please?

What am I raving about?  This:

The National Rifle Association has given an 8-year-old boy a free lifetime membership, the Baltimore Sun reports. His achievement was chewing a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun.

The NRA gave Joshua Welch the free membership — which usually costs $550 — at a fundraiser Wednesday night for Anne Arundel County Republicans. Welch returned to playing games on his cellphone after he got the award, the Sun reported.

Welch got on the news after his March 1 suspension from Park Elementary School for the Pop-Tart incident. He was 7 then and denied trying to make the Pop-Tart look like a weapon.

When pressed by a CBS Baltimore reporter, though, Welch said, “When I was done, it turned out to be a gun, yeah.”

Park Elementary told parents it would give counseling to any children who needed it after the Pop-Tart incident.

Now first of all, let me deal with something.  Park Elementary?  Seriously?  Take a fucking Xanax.  No one needs counseling because a kid chewed snack food into the shape of a weapon.  Schools really need to get over these zero tolerance policies.  Suspending kids for giving classmates an aspirin or for chewing a Pop-Tart into a gun is idiotic and turns your well meaning anti-drug or anti-weapon policies into the butt of jokes.  Get over yourselves.

With that out of the way, let me make this as clear as I possibly can.  By giving this kid a lifetime membership, the NRA has chosen to court publicity over an incident that involves the words “gun,” “student,” and “elementary school.”  After Newtown.

They do not care about school shootings.  They do not care about dead kids.  They do not care about parents who lost their children.  They care about one thing, and one thing only.

Putting as many guns into as many hands as they possibly can so the firearms manufacturers and distributors that they represent make as much profit as humanly possible.  Everything else can go fuck itself with a rifle barrel.

It is time for responsible gun owners to wake the fuck up and stop supporting this organization.



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