Skepticism: You’re Doing It Wrong

Well, yeah.  Mermaids do not exist.  Neither do unicorns, fairies, Sasquatches (Sasquatchi!), ghosts, angry raping trees, aliens who abduct and anally probe people, non-bigots opposed to gay marriage, invisible dragons living in garages, gods, and teapots too small to be seen with any telescope orbiting the sun or any planet or moon in the solar system.   I am very comfortable making this statement, even though I can not indeed prove the non-existence of any item on the list.

Why?  Because of a stunning lack of fucking compelling evidence.  The burden of proof is on the one making the extraordinary claim.  Unless compelling evidence can be presented, it is rational to chalk these creatures up under “non-existent” on the white board.

Be back tomorrow to deal with Animal Planet’s fascination with mermaids and how the quest for ratings has affected the so called educational television networks.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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