Help, Help, I’m Being Oppressed!

It has been horrible.  All my life, I have lived with the yoke of oppression, cursed by my gender and the color of my skin, discriminated against in ways I never even realized.  It is only because of Suzanne Venker and the important work that she has done to call attention to the plight of others like me that I am finally able to recognize the hate and the prejudice I have been the target of for all these years.  If only I was born in a different time, where this open bigotry was not tolerated, what my life could have been, what roads would have been cleared, what doors opened.  Thank you, Suzanne.  Thank you for your piece on FoxNews, which has finally given me the courage to proudly look at the world and shout:

I’m a white male, and I am sick of being a second class citizen!

Funny, isn’t it?  All those years I thought being a white male gifted me with, I don’t know, white male privilege, and it turns out I was the one being discriminated against.  It seems that when we give women equal rights under the law those rights are somehow stripped from me?  Like there aren’t enough rights to go around or something?  Let’s unpack this, with a hat tip to Ed Brayton over at Dispatches.…:

The truth is, men have become second-class citizens.

The most obvious proof is male bashing in the media. It is rampant and irrefutable. From sit-coms and commercials that portray dad as an idiot to biased news reports about the state of American men, males are pounced on left and right. And that’s just the beginning.

Awww.  Poor men!  Are their feefee’s hurt?  Do they need a hug?  Wait a second….I’m a man!  Why am I not curled up in a ball on the floor sobbing over the endless attacks my sex suffers in the media?There is a lot of shit in this article.  Claims about Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act, and various other claims.  I’ll be honest with you, I really don’t feel it is worth the effort to refute it.  The article is just claims thrown at the wall.  The sources she quotes come from the WSJ opinion page and a female psychologist who is a Men’s Rights Advocates wet dream.  Perhaps her book is better referenced, and perhaps I will take the time to read it and respond to it.  But this article is just so much MRA bullshit.  Feel free to read it at your leisure, and look into the claims yourself if you feel the need.  The end of her article says everything I need to know:

 Yet it is males who suffer in our society. From boyhood through adulthood, the White American Male must fight his way through a litany of taunts, assumptions and grievances about his very existence. His oppression is unlike anything American women have faced. Unlike women, however, men don’t organize and form groups when they’ve been persecuted. They just bow out of the game.

America needs to wake up. We have swung the pendulum too far in the other direction—from a man’s world to a woman’s world.

That’s not equality. That’s revenge.

Oh fucking please.  We have to fight through what?  That’s not revenge, it is MRA bullshit!

3 thoughts on “Help, Help, I’m Being Oppressed!

  1. An odd read. This was the opposite of what I was expecting, I’ll be honest. I think if we continue down the road of making things “idiot-proof”, we might run into a problem like Suzanne Venker mentioned. Might. But, I don’t think males are the ones who deserve the attention here. Men haven’t really faced much inequality if you compare them to any minority group or to women.

    I think a more appropriate way to end her article would’ve been to say “The goal is equality, not revenge. Let’s re-evaluate how we define equality, and head in that direction, rather than revenge.”

    • Greetings, tooanalytical!

      I must admit that your comment has me a bit confused. You say that it was an “odd read” that was the opposite of what you were expecting, well, what were you expecting? I am honestly curious, so I really hope that you stop back and let me know.

      As for the rest of your reply….

      But, I don’t think males are the ones who deserve the attention here. Men haven’t really faced much inequality if you compare them to any minority group or to women.

      The entire Men’s Rights movement is not only a joke, but an insult to every group of people that ever actually faced oppression and inequality. It is a fear technique intended to halt the march of progress, employed by those unwilling to give up the privilege their penis bestows on them, and those frightened by evolving gender roles. Women want equality? Fight it by making it seem like instead of equality they want to force men into a role of second class citizen, a society where the oppressed become the new oppressors. Look at what they’ve done to the word “feminist.” It is thrown around as a slur, coupled with phrases such as “man-hating,” and used as a code-word among those on the right to the point that many people who by definition are themselves feminists, reject the term, kind of like how many liberals run from the term “liberal.”
      Men haven’t faced much inequality, they have faced no inequality. Yes, as the doors are opened and the ceiling shattered, allowing women into positions once only held by men, men will face more competition for those positions. Some men will suffer. Required qualifications for many positions will increase, and possession of a penis will no longer be the trump card of resume pinocle. Those that are under-qualified, or barely qualified, may not get the formerly male only job they once would have. Some men may see this as an attack on them, as inequality facing them down. It’s not. They need to understand that equality swings both ways; removing the second class citizen status from one group also removes the favored citizen status from another.
      Women still do not make the same amount of money as men for the same job. Women’s health care issues are still debated and decided by groups of men. A teenage girl gets raped in Ohio and the community comes to the defense of her attackers, and the news coverage from national outlets focuses on what a tragedy it is that these boys lives are ruined by the rape conviction. Rape culture is in full swing, slut shaming is commonplace, the Madonna/whore complex double standard still pervades our culture. Religions still teach that the man is the head of the house, and that the woman should submit to him in all things. Female bloggers are routinely deluged with misogynistic comments and threats of rape that male bloggers will never have to face, sometimes to the point that they are harassed off the internet. And yet Venker and others like her want me to think of the poor men, and how they are suffering from the fight to stop this inequality?
      Fuck that.

      I think a more appropriate way to end her article would’ve been to say ….

      Personally, I think a more appropriate way to end her article would have been to add a disclaimer stating that the author is an anti-feminist committed to maintaining the gender roles of the past who picks her sources selectively to back up her point while ignoring anything that may contradict her opinion and beliefs.

      Then again, it was published on Fox News, which is practically the same thing.

  2. Thanks for your response! I appreciate the feedback.

    I’ll preface this by saying all I meant by “odd read” was that your subject matter was interesting and original, and when your title was “Help, Help, I’m Being Oppressed!” I didn’t expect to read the article you linked. It was a clever plot twist.

    In regards to the rest of my comment, I suppose I didn’t make my actual opinion clear. I’ll just state it here though; I believe in equal opportunity, however I do not believe in forced equal outcome. I don’t agree with the term feminism, because the same type of anti-stereotypical thinking can and should be applied in general, not just in one aspect (women’s rights in this instance). I agree 100% that rape culture and slut shaming are extremely prevalent at present, and I stand against it. I think that in order to be more forward thinking though, and actually achieve some progress we need to work at solving the issue, not playing the blame game. We can point fingers all day, but until people start learning to apply the values they preach we’re not going to move forward, we will remain stagnant. The value here being the power of overcoming stereotypes and looking past whatever association you perceive an individual to belong to, whether that association is by the individual’s choice or not.

    I altered Venker’s last statement to show my opinion, but I think it was an inappropriate vessel for my message. For that, I apologize. Hopefully, this helped to clarify.

    Best wishes,

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